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Portfolio review

Over the last 20+ years, I have worked with many an artist to look over their portfolio. A portfolio review is such an important step in an artist's working life. It's a "step back and look afresh" moment, but with the help of an independent, experienced and benign pair of eyes. It's a bit like your body of work getting a turbo charged session of life coaching. 

An in-depth portfolio review is also part of my artist mentoring programme, but it is often requested by artists as an ad-hoc 'peer review' to help them assess their current work. 

Reasons for a portfolio review

There are many different reasons why you might want to meet with me to review your portfolio. Here are some of the most common ones:


Check your body of work for congruence, a major tripping hazard in many artists' portfolio. Does your work speak in and of itself, are you in your body of work, do the two of you walk the same walk? Often minor adjustments or uncomplicated additions help you tie everything together in a coherent and appealing presentation. 

What's missing

The 2nd most common reason why artists come to see me for a review is that they know, deep down, that something is missing. It is quite amazing what happens when we stand in front of your work - somehow, through an organic process of 'just looking' and talking through what we see, both you and I, the missing pieces emerge, almost on their own. 


The first and foremost reason why artists and those wanting to become an artist come to see me for a portfolio review is the preparation of their portfolio as part of an application process. I can help. I have helped many, many an artist tie the various aspects of their portfolios together into coherent, appealing presentations of their ability and goals as an artist.  

Making choices

Often it is nigh on impossible to decide which pieces to leave in and which to take out - for the person who made them, that is. As an independent, benevolent and practised pair of eyes, I can give you a hand with a tidy-up and a clear out. You will end up with a clear rationale for including certain pieces, a clearly visible 'red thread' that runs through your portfolio and speaks loud and clear of you as a person and your work as an artist. 


Let's get the ball rolling.


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