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  • New years resolutions are easier to keep when you commit, our resolution pass also makes it less expensive!
  • With our resolution pass, if you make a simple comitment to draw one night each week, you can drop in for a whole year with us, it's the perfect new year resolution solution.
  • £5 discount per session - the Resolution Pass reduces the standard £11 cost per session to £6
  • No time limit - the Resolution Pass lasts until it is fully used up, so if you take a break and decide to come back in 2024 - no problem, 2025 - no problem, 2030;-)we'll be here.
  • Drop-In any time - Use in any of our drop in classes, any night of the week

When you purchase the pass here, you will be able to download a voucher, to exchange in any of our classes for your Draw More Pass.

Resolution Pass - 50 Sessions

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