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Meet The Team


Adrian Dutton

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Adrian is a professional painter and sought after mentor and teacher. He established London Life Drawing in 2003 after graduating from the Royal Drawing School. Adrian has fronted art events for institutions such as the British Museum, the Courtauld Gallery, Saddler's Wells, the Barbican, as well as for countless corporate events. He lives and has his studio in Tilbury, Essex

01 British Museum members eve - 21 May 2

Mark Lovelace

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Mark is a professional painter and expert tutor and teacher with more than 25 years of practice. A graduate of Middlesex University, Mark has run events for organisations such as the British Museum and the Courtauld Institute. He runs a good part of London Life Drawing's drop-in programme. Mark lives and has his Studio in London


Anya Dutton

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Anya has a background in managment, finance and marketing, and heads up our events program. After studying at the Sorbonne she moved from Paris to London helping Societe Genreale establish a new London office. She has worked for a wide variety of corporate organizations including Meryll Lynch and Palamon Capital.  As a fluent French, Italian and German speaker Anya gives London Life Drawing an additional ability to work internationally. Anya and Adrian live with their two children in Tilbury, Essex 

Image courtesy of Alastair Fyfe and the British Museum
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