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Adrian Dutton

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Adrian is a professional painter and established London Life Drawing in 2003 after graduating from the Royal Drawing School. He Teaches widely, Leading workshops for businesses and organisations such as the British Museum and National Portrait gallery, he lives and has his studio in Tilbury, Essex

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Mark Lovelace

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Mark is a professional painter and teacher. A graduate of Middlesex University, Mark has worked for institutions such as the British Museum and is an expert tutor, managing the majority of London Life Drawing's Drop in program, he lives and has his Studio in London


Tom Nichols

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Tom is a professional stone carver and trained at City and Guilds, where he took his Post Grad in Historic Stone Carving. Tom has a number of prestigious commissions to his name including work for the Queens Diamond Jubilee and for Ripon Cathedral, he lives and has his studio in London

Image courtesy of Alastair Fyfe and the British Museum