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At the deepest level, my mentoring work with any artist is an intuitive, experiential exploration of the work they do as an artist and to some extent also the person who informs it.

At a more practical level, we look at your body of work as a whole to identify any underdeveloped areas, gently spotlight any blockages and come to know the causes of any resistance which might hold you back. 

Finally, I also offer help, if any is needed, with everyday aspects of being an artist - whether it's the actual ins and outs of the making of art; or its aftermath complex net of pricing, marketing, selling, exhibiting, funding applications and so on;  or any of the manifold other aspects that play into the work of making art for a living --- reach out and let's talk about it.

Our first chat will just be a chat - you tell me where you're at and I can tell you in all honesty whether I believe I can be of any help.

Some examples of topics covered in mentoring

Broken Concrete

Let's check your work for blockages and resistance

We all get stuck sometimes. I did, many times. It helps to get someone to take a look from the outside. A benevolent and knowledgeable pair of eyes can spot from the outside what you can't see from the inside.


We spotlight the blockage, spend a little time exploring its reasons for being, and you will be able to feel like you're having a fresh start, even though all we have done is identified and walked around these blocks.


Blockages have a habit of looking insurmountable, but they are really there to help us take a different approach, and sometimes invite us to take an entirely different turn. 


Let's check your work for congruence

Congruence is when all areas of a person and their body of work are in unison. They all walk the same walk, so to speak. 

We all know of "the zone" - but to most people, "being in the zone" is a nothing more than a chance encounter, something that comes on us for unknown reasons - a matter of getting lucky, perhaps. But what if you could experience "being in the zone" much more often, and in fact, regularly?  

Being congruent is in my experience an excellent method of inducing "being in the zone". As an artist's mentor, I can help you spot what stands in the way of congruence in the various areas of your practice, your work and what makes you you - walking with you step by step towards congruence. 


Help with the practicalities

Practicalities - there are so many! By that I mean that there are so many aspects to being an artist today. It's not just about hard work and opportunities. 

I can help with many of these practicalities - and for the ones with which I can't help you, I have excellent pointers in the direction of someone who can. People from whom I have learned. People who I respect for their knowledge in that specific area. Or books which have can help you - goldmines for the knowledge that may be missing. 


So we start with an overall assessment, we look your practice over - and once we start shining light on your practice as an artist, the areas which need more light will become obvious to us. 


Let's get the ball rolling.


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